Subaru Wear Pass

Leasing a Subaru?

A Wear Pass will cover you from end of Lease Expenses due to Wear and Tear. Your Subaru is engineered to amaze, and driving it should be worry free. That's why we offer "Wear Pass" Lease Protection. Wear Pass protects you from additional charges at lease end if your Subaru incurs damage beyond what is normal everyday use.

Maximum Benefit:



  • Body panel dents, dings, scratches, and chips
  • Interior cuts, tears, stains, and burn holes
  • Alloy wheel damage caused by curbs and road surfaces
  • Glass chips, scratches, and cracks
  • Excess tire wear
  • Excess distance travelled - up to an extra 1,000 kilometers
  • Individual damages requiring less than $1,000 to repair


You'll get complete peace of mind for only $17 - $20 a month.*

Compare Excess Wear & Tear Coverage and our Guidelines

Familiarize yourself with the peace of mind our Wear Pass Excess Wear and Tear Plan will provide you by comparing its coverage against our standard lease guidelines.

Damage Type



With Wear Pass

Exterior Damage 

Scratches, dings
gouges or dents on
exterior panels and
bumpers of the vehicle

Within the card
(85x55mm) and rust
or bare metals exposed. 

Exceeding the
Dimnsions of the

$200 Each

$400 Each


Glass Damage

Chips, stars, bullseyes or 
cracks on the windshield, 
rear, or side panels.

Scratch on the windshield, rear or side panels.

Completely within the
card circle (25mm

Exceeding the Card
Circle (25mm

Exceeding the card
dimensions (85 x

$100 Each

$300 - $700 each panel

$300 - $700 each panel


Interior Upholstery & Trim Damage

More than one cut, tear, rip or burn hole

More than one stain

Any size

Any size

$100 Each

$200 Each


Tire & Rim Damage

Missing or broken wheel covers and bent or damaged non-alloy wheels

Damaged alloy rims

Worn, bald, or
damaged tires

Must be replaced.

Must be repaired or replaced.

Must be replaced when tread depth is below 3.3mm.

$90 Each

Actual Cost to

$200-$300 each tire


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