Subaru Outback Wilderness

2023 Subaru Outback Wilderness in Barrie, Ontario

The Outback Wilderness is the toughest, most capable Outback yet. Get on the road, trail, or both in your brand new Subaru this summer. With a high ground clearance and exclusive terrain-conquering upgrades, the new Outback Wilderness grants to access to places that you've never explored before.

The Outback Wilderness is designed to perform. Featuring anodized copper trim and accents across the exterior, and tough, durable matt-black body cladding, the Outback Wilderness is in it's element on the road and on the trail. The Outback Wilderness sports a fixed roof rack for superior static load capacity and stability, and has a matte-black hood to reduce glare.  Exclusive to the Wilderness trim are six-LED fog lights for excellent visibility in all weather conditions.

The Outback Wilderness also comes standard with aluminum or steel skid plates to protect your Subaru from rocks and other trail-hazards, and black-painted wheels to resist scratches and corrosion.

The Outback Wilderness is powered by the engine that everyone knows and loves, the turbocharged Subaru Boxer®. With 2.4l of displacement, the Outback Wilderness producess 260 HP, and is paired with Subaru's Symmetrical Full-Time AWD. Increased towing capacity, higher ground clearance, a tuned suspension, and reduced approach and departure angles set the Wilderness trim apart from other model in its capability.

The Outback Wilderness boasts a 11.6" touchscreen infotainment system, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to put you in control. The Wilderness trim's Infotrainment system includes some unique features, including the ability to monitor the vehicles roll-angle directly on the main console.

Safety on the trail has some added requirements to safety on the road. In addition to Subaru's available EyeSight safety features, the Outback Wilderness comes with new, all-terrain tires for improved traction on all road types, and in all weather conditions. Also included, are front and rear bumpers with four tow hook points for an easier and safer recovery.

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