Subaru Genuine Long Life Super Coolant

What does it do?

Coolant, also known as Anti-freeze in colder climates, is an important part of your Subaru's operation that removes heat from the engine to maintain an optimal temperature range for operation. Subaru Super Coolant provides cold-weather protection to -50°C.

Why does it need replacing?

Coolant includes additives that help to prevent rust, corrosion, and lubrication for moving parts.  These additives break down over time, and lose their effectiveness. Additionally, over time, coolant can become acidic which can contribute to corrosion damage to the radiator, water pump, and other parts of the cooling system.


  • Protects against extreme cold and hot weather
  • Protects against corrosion with organic corrosion inhibitors
  • Eliminates need for additional corrosion protection inhibitors
  • Compatible with non-metal surfaces
  • Required for use in all warranty repairs