Subaru Synthetic Motor Oil


Subaru Certified Motor Oil is available in two different types; Mineral and Synthetic. Both options maintain the quality and functioning of your Subaru's engine. Subaru Certified Synthetic motor oils are specifically formulated for Subaru Boxer engines, and are designed to withstand a wide range of operating conditions.

What is it?

Subaru Certified synthetic motor oil protects your engine better in extreme hot or cold temperatures, reduces friction to achieve optimal performance and fuel economy, and reduces ongoing wear in your engine.

What does it do?


Motor oil provided a layer of lubrication between moving, metal parts in your Subaru's engine to reduce friction and wear.


Motor oil helps to reduce the heat from engine components and the heat produced by friction. The oil helps to dissipate this heat to the outside of the engine.


Motor oil helps to flush out engine deposits, soot, and other substances that may build up inside the engine to help keep the engine clean and fully functioning.

When to Replace?

Subaru Certified Synthetic Motor Oil should be replaced according to the manufacturers required maintenance schedule - typically 10,000 km or 6 months. Consult with your Service Advisor at Barrie Subaru to determine the recommended schedule for your Subaru.